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Our mission

At Luggo it's our mission to make traveling by plane more comfortable.

Before setting off, one of the biggest stressors is luggage. It can be heavy, expensive and if it's not checked in on-time, you won't be reunited with it at your arrival destination.

It's normal to save time by checking-in for your flight online. So, why not do the same with your luggage?

That's why we've built a platform that connects your luggage with airlines and transport companies. You check-in your luggage at home, before you fly, and we make sure that's it's waiting for you on the other side. Simple. Easy. One less thing to worry about.

Partnering opportunities

Luggo is able to provide new opportunities for your business and customers. Interested in how Luggo can be of value to your existing services? 

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We believe all airline passengers should enjoy a first-class travel experience.

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