Luggo platform

A white label platform built to provide an optimal travel experience trough separated luggage handling

Traveller app

We pick up and check in the luggage at the traveller's home address and deliver the luggage at the airport or at the final destination.

  Platform can be customized to your brand guidelines

  Track & trace features

  Digital luggage labels for your travelers

  Edit your booking up to 24 hours before to the pickup

 Luggage is documented

 Notify your travelers on the status of their booking and luggage 

Luggo Agent app

The Luggo Agent app has been developed for and together with couriers. Agents will receive access to the booking information, verify travel documentation and check in the luggage items.


Our agents have received the required specific luggage handling training courses in order to be certified luggage handlers as defined by our partnerering airlines and airports.


The agent receives the minimal required information to complete the luggage check-in process as per GDPR requirements. The courier will need to review the travel documentation as part of the validation

Simplicity & Speed

The Luggo Agent app has been developed to enable couriers to check in luggage as swift and efficient as possible, leaving appropriate time for customer focused service.


The Luggo platform can interface with airlines' existing booking flows in multiple ways, your preference determines the set up. A starting point to link to the Luggo platform is trough your booking form or confirmation email.


Leverage Luggo as your own platform. Customise elements to your brand guidelines, ensuring that your customer is always receiving a consistent experience.

Luggo for

Comfortable travel from your front door to destination.

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Luggo for Airports

Ensure your travelers arrive ready-to-fly at your airport.

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Luggo for Logistics Partners

Unlock a brand new market with high volumes.

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