Our safety process

Extensive market research has informed our safety measures. Our process aligns with current industry standards and appeals to consumer expectations to ensure both safety and trust.

Comfort through safety and security in our process

We understand that Luggo may feel like a distant future phenomenon. Through our platform we make this phenomenon tangible and easy to try. Use the intuitive check-in, tracking and tracing of your luggage and you will be convinced quickly.

How it works  

Know who's at the door

With the verification code in our app, the traveller is ensured that the correct Luggo agent has arrived to pick up their luggage.

The Luggo agent and traveller match both their verification codes, after which the check-in begins

Certified Luggo agents

Our agents comply with strict safety and security standards, including a Statement of Good Behaviour or a Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag (VOG) in Dutch. All our Luggo agents have received specific pieces of training to be certified as luggage handlers as defined by our partnering airlines and airports.

Safety of the luggage

Traveling with Luggo means additional protection for your luggage. Each luggage item will be sealed with our bio-degradable seals.

  Safety of the travellers' luggage is always our top priority

  Luggage is sealed as part of our standard service

  Custom logistical process to ensure safety

  Luggage is insured by default

Data and privacy of users

The classic luggage check-in process at the airport creates risks in the various steps of the process. The Luggo services reduce steps in the process and also create more transparancy regarding the entire process.


Data Security

We comply with the GDPR and the Dutch AVG legislation. Besides mandatory data protection we also apply the industry standards and best practices around data management.

Security Policy

Data protection of our users is taken seriously. Therefore, we have taken measures in our way of working to avoid the risk of losing data, have unauthorized access and avoid the publication or changes in the data of our users. 

Processing Data

Personal data is only processed to serve one goal: Picking up and checking-in luggage at the agreed date, time and location.

Right to be forgotten

Users have the right to recall and/or erase the use of their personal data.  

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